Easy and natural mobile scanning. Smart OCR that’s enterprise ready.

Amid a plethora of scanning apps, DolphinScan stands out due to its ability to do a set of never-done-before functionality in addition to the regular scanning app features like scanning, editing, OCR and save!



Edit: Crop, Rotate, Resize, Perspective Transformation

Edit: Draw, Write, Highlight & Erase

Single and multiple page support

Edit: Brightness & Contrast Controls, BW Save, Noise Removal, Color

Scan Papers to Images or PDF’s

With DolphinScan, easily capture and convert documents, forms, receipts and business cards into high-quality images or PDFs and with different editing and enhancement options, you can perform the best scan every time.

Smarter & Cleaner Scans

Using AskAI, the AI engine driving our intelligent features and other state-of-the-art OCR technologies, DolphinScan identifies handwritten or printed text. It removes elements like salt-and-pepper noise, glare and shadow.

Remove Folds & Flatten Scans

Using our unique technology, DolphinScan removes distortions caused by folds and rolls, making the documents more suitable for formal submissions and making them look like they were scanned on a flat-bed scanner.

Form Filling

DolphinScan allows users to fill fields in scanned forms avoiding the need of finding a printer, filling a form by hand and scanning it again. DolphinScan turns paper forms into interactive digital documents one can easily fill in and submit.