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Nouveau Labs is a certified Odoo “Learning Partner”. We come with 2+ years of Odoo consulting experience and have handled business critical projects for a fortune 500 clients. Their goal would be to guide your company throughout your entire Odoo experience journey, from analysis and recommendations to implementation and support.

You may be wondering why you should even approach Odoo consultants; what makes Odoo so great for your business ?

The answer is simple; Odoo offers flexibility with its Community (free and open-sourced) and Enterprise (licensed and shared source) editions. With two versions to choose from, Odoo consultants will be able to tailor the business app around your company’s needs and requirements – as well as be able to provide you with the most value for money

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An App For Every Need

There are quite literally thousands of Odoo apps to choose from. Whether you are looking to boost your sales, integrate your services, streamline your operations, manage your finances, amplify your marketing, build a website, and other such requirements. You can even find apps based on the department of your business as well. For example, the Human Resources apps include apps created to facilitate recruitment, to manage employees work hours, and more.

While Odoo offers apps for literally all your business processes, Odoo consultants would recommend against installing everything available to use. Why waste your time with apps your business will never use? Instead, you can gain more by integrating apps that your company can benefit most from. For example, if you have individual software solutions that work well separately but cannot be combined to give you a full overview of your business operations – you are simply not getting the information you need to optimize your business.

Luckily, Odoo apps are perfectly integrated with one another. This allows you to fully automate your business processes, which can lead to a plethora of both savings and benefits. In fact, Odoo consultants are able to go through the enterprise Odoo apps, as well as the thousands of Community Odoo apps, and find a solution that fills in your business gaps, addresses any pain points and provides a cost-effective and modular solution all in one.

Bespoke Experience

Even in the worst case scenario – where you cannot find the “perfect” app for your company, Odoo consultants have the ability to tailor the app to best fit your business. Odoo being based on an open-source platform, any qualified developer can make the necessary changes in the source code in order to build a new module or even simply modify the app to better fit your business requirements.

Odoo consultants are your best bet if you’re looking to implement an ERP solution like Odoo within your business. Nouveau Labs is a Odoo “Learning Partner”. This means we know our way around Odoo. In addition, the Nouveau Labs team consists of ERP specialists that have the knowledge and experience to come up with solutions that are both industry-specific and tailored to your business’ needs. Schedule your free consultation with us and allow us to help facilitate your business operations as well as increase the overall efficiency of your workplace.