Well trained Odoo experts are in a position to better understand business issues and suggest necessary software solution. Odoo is a vast system and for a new user can be overwhelming. Knowledge of and training on Odoo makes users experts at unearthing and putting to use its business benefits. Odoo Training to end users and ERP administrators is therefore important in maximizing its capabilities and use case scenarios.

After implementation of Odoo, our experts can train end users on aspects such as Odoo Functional flows, Email Configuration, Work flows, Server Actions, Reporting etc.. Our experts are well versed with Odoo both from a technical and functional perspective. Our experts can deliver Odoo training on client site, as well as remotely via various communication mediums like VC platforms, Teamviewer, Video and Documents. There are various Odoo Technical and Functional courses available at Nouveau Labs. Please reach us at for more details on Odoo Training courses.

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When money is on the table, every second counts. Nouveau Labs offers reliable Support, so that if there is any issue with your system, you can get it resolved as soon as possible. Reach our Odoo support consultants any time directly via call or through contact form

On-Demand Open Object, also known as Odoo, is an enterprise resource planning software that combines a suite of business management software tools that can be used company-wide. With thousands of Odoo apps at your disposal, there are a plethora of options available to suit your business’ custom needs. On the other hand, even if you can’t find the “perfect” app for your business, Odoo provides an alternative solution. With Odoo being based on an open-source platform, any qualified developer can make the necessary changes in the source code in order to build a new module or even simply modify the app to better fit your business requirements.

It’s no wonder Odoo excels across all industries. Not only does it cater to all business types, Odoo also carries all the apps your business needs in order to optimize its processes and day-to-day operations.

However, it’s worth noting that the technical aspect of this ERP system requires precision and appropriate implementation in order to reap the results your business needs to succeed. So how does one go about that? – Simple – hire qualified Odoo consultants to get the job done for you.

In addition to ensuring you select the right app integration to yield optimal results for your company, Nouveau Labs has a repertoire of support systems in place to help you achieve your business goals in spite of any setback that may or may not occur.

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