Problems with Contact Center Experience

High Cost & Low efficiency associated with contact center agents

Wait time to get an Huma agent IVR options runs out

Voice Bots lacks natural conservation experience

AskAI Deployment Use Cases

Upgrade your contact center experience with AI built virtual agent trained to solve specific business workflows  telephony or chatbot conversations

Customer Care

I want to clean up
my house

Sure, how many
rooms you have?


I want to book a table
for tonight

Sure, can i get the
number of guests?

Technical Support

My broadband is

Sure, can you confirm,
if your cable connected?


Natural-language enabled

Well-defined APIs for integration with CRMs and contact centers

Integration with Ticketing systems

Leverages popular third-party NLP frameworks

Fallback to live agents

Voice Enabled Across WEB, telephony

Auto Agent Redirection Monitors and routes the call to Human agent

Quick Customization & automation of any Contact Center Workflow

Easy CRM integration

Technology Evolution of Customer Service

An Advanced Conversational AI framework that understands context and is designed to automate the workflow & improve ROI

Human Agent

High Wait time
Cost – Training &


Limited and inflexible
options Cost of

Voice Bot

Limited CRM integration Lacks Natural Conversation experience

Intelligent Voice Agent

Improved Automation Natural Language conversation Quick Customization