Inspired by the smartest mammal in the sea, and also India’s National Aquatic animal,
we bring to you DolphinVC.

Work together. Stay connected. Be social. Empower users. Dolphin VC ensures that you get remote work done – with simple, secure video-conferencing on all the platforms you love.It brings families and friends together with meetings that are more than just meetings!

Instant Meetings

Ad-hoc plans? That quick question you need answered? Dolphin’s ‘Host Instant Meeting’ feature brings instant video conferencing to you, without explictly setting up a meeting.

Planned Meetings

Planning a meeting for tomorrow? Next Week? Next Month? Dont sweat! DolphinVC sends out automated invites ahead of time so that everyone is ready and on time!

Recurring Meetings

What about those daily Stand-ups? Have that weekly sync-up call? And that quarterly business meeting? Or, those weekend family get-togethers? Dolphin ensures you never forget those recurring meetings that often get missed or people turn up late for, with our super easy recurring meetings.

All the features you and your team need!

Live Streaming

DolphinVC allows for a high number of participants to go into a conference. But, sometimes you may need an audience that exceeds the practical limits of multi-party communication. Enter live streaming. DolphinVC allows meeting media to be sent to YouTube for live streaming, so that a large audience can view the meeting.

Screen Sharing

Dolphin’s screen sharing ability makes team meetings and collaboration as visual and immersive as they would be with in person meetings! Users can share documents, presentations, code and even videos with a simple click!

Meeting Recording

Missing an important meeting? Worry not! With Dolphin’s in-built recording feature, users can choose to record their video conferences locally or to the cloud, to view later at their own convenience.

End to End Encryption

Concerned by the security issues of some of the video conferencing systems? Enjoy high-grade security and safeguard your privacy! Dolphins end-to-end security prevents anyone (including us) from snooping on your meetings. Additionally, DolphinVC provides enterprise-grade hop-by-hop encryption.

Large Meetings

Public broadcasts? Training sessions? Education lectures? Large scale events require large scale meeting platforms, and DolphinVC has you covered with conference rooms that can accommodate a large number of users!

Telephony Integration

In addition to video conferencing from desktop browsers, native apps, and mobile apps, DolphinVC allows participants to participate and control meetings from their landlines and cell phones with PSTN calls and cellular calls.