Driving efficiences in day-to-day life with automation made possible by our AI/ML technologies in speech recognition, natural language understanding (NLU), natural-language queries, NLP, NLG, speech analytics, object detection, image processing, text recognition etc.

Multi-Modal NLP

Automation of repetitive parts of tasks such as customer support, information collection, ticket raising through voice virtual agents
Sentiment Analysis of text from various sources like Social Media, Email, Chat, ASR text etc, and suggesting specific actions based on analysis of conversations
Increasing Information Retrieval Efficiency by automating build complex data queries from natural language interfaces

Image/Video Analytics

Object detection with simple and automated training process for applications like retail store management, surveillance, work place compliance, quality assurance etc. Integrating with other sources of information like customer preferences, buying habits, checkout information etc to derive recommendations, better inventory management, automate the process of shelf replenishment etc
Analyze satellite images to extract geological features and high-altitude helicopter and reconnaisance imagery to understand crop yield, crop patterns & detection, plantation planning, estimating extent of damage due to floods, extent of famine, damages due to pest infestation etc

Data Analytics

Improve the revenue and profitability of telecom operations by analyzing the data by circles, zones, towers etc, and determining traffic patterns, trending applications, data usage, and predicting faults, traffic bursts, subscription requests, customer foot falls at service centers etc, to maximize revenue, and customer satisfaction and minimize service disruptions
HR and Recruitment Analytics by analyzing ATS and HRIS data for insights like resume match with job description, applicant rating, probability of joining, candidate engagement, employee engagement, separation risk etc. This helps improve candidate experience, employee engagement, RoI on recruitment, Quality of Hiring etc


Improving the quality of output from traditional RPA tools by applying Nouveau Labs’ Smart OCR assets for various enhacements, and making the output ready for CRM and ERP consumption, thus increasing the quality of output by 20-30 percent
Document scanning and enhancement by applying a variety of tools to malformed and misaligned document to improve OCR accuracy and to make the documents machine readable, making our scanning tool one of the best in the world