Manoj Wagle (Co – Founder & CTO)

Manoj Wagle is a Technology & Engineering leader with extensive experience in Cellular/Enterprise Wireless(WiFi) and IP Networking domains, Built exception R&D teams for wired/wireless networking products. Founding team member of ‘Codex’ team in Motorola India to establish teams for WAN & IP product developments. Scaled the IP Networking technology across Cable. and wireless domain to build Broadband service routers & Wireless Gateways. Established Center of Excellence in IP Networking in Motorola India.Motorola SABA  membership in IP Networking domain.

At Aruba/HPE, Brought up a team of 600 people in 8 yrs. R&D: Enterprise Wireless (WiFi) product teams, Muti-core processor & Intel based H/W (and virtualized) wireless LAN controllers & branch gateways, Authentication/Security, IP routing, Mobility, UI, Cloud & On-prem management software, Pre-sales & Customer Engineering support teams, Programs Management & Technical Publication.

Manoj Wagle has a  M.S., Computer Science and  B.S., Electronics degrees. Manoj Wagle has a 30 years of experiences of Center Head @HPE/Aruba, Head of IP Technology Group @Motorola and  @DRDO – Scientist in Communication Control system.

At Motorola, Lead 120+ engineering team in IP Networking technology & products, Vanguard – IP Routers/Switches, WAN products, Motorola Broadband Cable Routers, Wireless – LTE Mobility manager, WiMAX & LTE PDN-GW, Network Advanced technology team – Wireless L2 simulation & algorithms, Motorola SABA member in IP networking and @DRDO Communication controller for Fire-direction systems.