Devops Engineer

Roles And Responsibilities

The main responsibilities include the following:

Manage the DEVOPS tools stack in AWS
Manage the life cycle of the tools in the stack, perform upgrades, work with other infra teamsfor
the same
Help to automate and improve development and releaseprocesses
Provide training & support to the software development & other teams on DEVOPSstack
Develop the CI/CD pipeline, logging and monitoringframework
Work on onboarding & evaluation of the new tools in the DEVOPSstack
Interact with different metiers, managers, leads to understand their DevOps needs, help themin
their journey to DevOps

Technical Skills

Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Computer Science Engineering /Technology or related field

Must have an overall experience of 4 to 8years
Must have strong expertise in Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Jenkins, ELK, Prometheus,Grafana
Must have experience in Pythonscripting
Individual contributor and has history of being part of software team managing DEVOPS stack across multipleprojects
Must have clear fundamental of DevOps & DevOps tools &working.
AWS Experience

Desirable Skills

Experience in DockerSwarm
Experience in MySQL,Redis
Self-learning qualities with track record of picking up new skills while onjob.
Team player and ability to learn newtechnologies

Process & Soft Skills

Ready to explore newer technologies to make the development process easier
Able to solve problems independently, taking ownership of the projects you work on


Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Jenkins, Python Scripting

So, if you are looking for a stable, technology-focused, dynamic work environment… Look no further!

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